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Life is all about choices. Old Station, Hat Creek, Shasta County, Northern California are full of people who choose a lifestyle that is a little outside the box. Some were born here, 

and choose to stay; others choose to come here in search of something a little more natural, a little more rugged, a little more down to earth. 

In August of 2013, Chuck and Anne Woodman left behind the corporate life of Portland, Oregon, and their suburban home, to return to their country roots. Anne comes from 

a ranching family in Eastern Oregon, while Chuck comes from a Southern Oregon family with logging and ranching roots. East Shasta County was the perfect fit. 

They bought JJ’s Cafe from John and Judy Wallace, and have worked to build on that legacy over the last few years to provide a destination and menu 

that fit the culture, the flavor, and the feeling of this meeting spot between the Cascades, the Sierra, and the Great Basin. 

In choosing JJ’s, you are choosing home-style cooking with fresh, local ingredients from a heritage that embodies the American spirit of adventure. 

We’re glad you’re here. We hope you like it.